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Parts List, Hardware, & Torque Values

Work in progress. Please check back for updates.

To order spare parts, CLICK HERE.

Parts List Cross Reference

4Primary Screw Shaft4th-Gen 1.0" diameter differential screw100-931, 100-932, 100-933, 100-934N/A120 lb ft MAX3/4" hex
5Retaining Plate Screw1/4"-20 x 0.625" Button Head--


60 lb-inch
(5 lb-ft)

5/32" Allen
6Retaining PlateO-ring Retaining PlateN/A
7O-RingDASH-213, Buna-N, Pack of 100--9452K33----
8Retaining Ring1" x 0.042" Twist-On, Steel--91665A460----
9BrakeThird-hand, spring-loaded stopN/A----
10SpringCoil Spring, 0.875" OD x 0.625" LgN/A----
11Brake Travel Adjust Screw1/2"-13 x 1.25" Button Head Cap Screw--91255A714Back off 1 full turn5/16" Allen
12Set Screw1/2"-13 x 1" Brass Set Screw--92991A66010 lb-ft1/4" Allen
13Master Sliding JawCombo dovetail / bolt-on jaw plate interface700-101------
14Dovetail ClampDovetail Clamp, Steel------
15Dovetail Clamp Screw

5/16"-18 x 0.75" Low Head Cap Screw



60 lb-inch
(5 lb-ft)
5/32" Allen
16Dovetail Screw Retainer29/64" Internal Circlip--99142A345--Circlip Pliers
17Spring Plunger1/2"-13 x 1.25"--8495A65

Dual Station: back off 1/8 turn
Single Station: 60 lb-inch (5 lb-ft)

1/4" Allen

18Bolt-On Jaw PlateHardened and Ground Steel, 6" x 1.73" x 1.72"700-105------
19Narrow Center JawHardened and Ground Steel, 6" x 1.98" x 1.72"700-106------
20Narrow Center Jaw Screw

1/2"-13 x 2.25" socket head cap screw



30-60 lb-ft3/8" Allen
21Dowel Pin0.4993" OD, custom ground for Orange Vise100-922------
22Master Center JawFor dovetailed jaw plates700-103------
23Master Center JawFor bolt-on jaw plates700-107------
24MasterCenter Jaw Screw1/2"-13 x 2.25" button head cap screw--91255A05030-60 lb-ft5/16" Allen
25Edge ClampVise body hold-down clamps, pack of 6100-921------