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Dimensions & Capacities

GREY DIMENSIONS are universal across 4.5" and 6" Orange Vises in all lengths. 

ORANGE DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITIES vary among vise models (see table below).

Variable Dimensions

Nominal Size6"x16"6"x17.5"6"x20"6"x26"4.5"x16"4.5"x17.5"4.5"x20.0"
Body Width6"6"6"6"4.5"4.5"4.5"
Jaw Width5.88"5.88"5.88"5.88"4.63"4.63"4.63"
Body Overall Length16"17.5"20"26"16"17.5"20"
Hard Jaw Capacity - 
Dual Station
Hard Jaw Capacity - 
Single Station
IJS Capacity -
Dual Station *
IJS Capacity - 
Single Station *

* Dimension does not include the thickness of CarveSmart jaws, which varies from 1/2" to 2". Please note that some CarveSmart jaw combinations will not work with 16" length vises in dual station configuration.