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4th-Generation Orange Vises

Hardened Cast-Iron Body

Vise bodies are fully machined from solid bars of Dura-Bar® ductile cast iron and are now precision surface ground on four sides as standard procedure. 

Like its earlier predecessors, all Orange Vise bodies come with the Ball Coupler™ interface spaced on 10.000" centers. Additional dowel pin holes on 14.000" centers have been added to use in conjunction with the Ball Couplers for even better locating accuracy.

CarveSmart™ IJS Jaws

Our master sliding and center jaws utilize the patented CarveSmart dovetail system under exclusive license. Our fourth-generation update brings a reversible sliding jaw design with the IJS interface on one side and a standard bolt-on interface on the other (3.875" x 0.938"). 

Dowel pin ejection screws have been added to both the sliding and the center jaws to aid in disassembly.

4th-Generation Carrier Slides

Our patent-pending carrier slide assembly now has dual jaw positions for the front sliding jaw. This design allows the vise to close completely in single station configuration while maintaining a sealed screw mechanism.   

As always, Orange Vise carriers are fully sealed with O-rings to prevent chip clogging. This allows us to grease the threads, which provides better feel and greater control of clamping force.