Delta 4 Double Row Gripper Jaws

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DOUBLE ROW gripper jaws for 2nd Generation Delta 4 Self-Centering / Dual Station Vises

  • Compatiable with Anderson Serrajaws and Mitee Bite Talon Grips (not included)
  • Two rows increases capacity of your Delta 4 vise by 2.25"
  • Machined steel construction

Jaws are sold individually.

  1. If you have existing gripper jaws, buy one jaw for dual station configuration. These jaws are height matched to our standard gripper jaws.   
  2. Buy two jaws if you're increasing the capacity of your self-centering or single station configuration
  3. Buy three jaws for maxmium capacity in dual station configuration


  • 4.06"W x 2.00"D X 1.187"H
  • Gripper slots are 1/2" wide x 3/16" deep with 10-32 tapped holes spaced 1/2" apart
  • Gripper slots are spaced 1.125" apart, center to center
  • The step in front of the leading gripper slot serves as a built-in parallel, and is 3/16" deep

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