Delta IV - 4" x 6" Compact Vise

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DeltaIV-600: 4" width x 6" length. Other lengths available.

Patents Pending

Improving on traditional self-centering vises, Delta IV is a family of "fixed-centering" multi-axis vises that decouples locating and clamping. Jaw location on the 1st and 2nd axes is provided by serrations on a hardened steel base and matching serrations on a fixed jaw. Clamping force is provided with a fast-acting, high strength steel screw.

The heart of the vise is the patent-pending Delta jaw-retention system, which provides pull-down force and locating on the 3rd axis. 

The net result is significantly better rigidity and accuracy - especially well suited for secondary operations, often neglected with self-centering vises.    

Features & Specifications:

  1. Hardened steel base (HRC55)
  2. Serrated fixed jaw adjusts in 1/8" increments with 0.0005" repeatability
  3. Patent-pending anti-lift jaw design, < 0.001" jaw lift for first operations, < 0.0005" jaw lift * for secondary operations 
  4. 3200 lbs (40 ft-lbs torque) recommended clamping force with serrated grippers
  5. 4800 lbs (60 ft-lbs torque) recommended clamping force with aluminum soft jaws
  6. 100% Made in USA

* In order to achieve < 0.0005" jaw left, soft jaws should be machined such that the bottom of the workpiece sits 0.875" above the bed of the vise.

What's Included:

  1. Delta IV Compact vise body: 5.88" x 4.00" 1.937" LxWxH, steel construction hardened to HRC55
  2. Delta IV Compact carrier assembly
  3. Steel Master Jawset A with hardened steel gripper strips (your choice of Serrajaws or Piranha strips)

Solid Models

  • Delta IV Compact with Type A Jawset and Serrajaws (STEP)
  • Delta IV Compact with Type B Jawset and Serrajaws (STEP)
  • Delta IV Compact with Type A Jawset and Piranha Jaws (STEP)
  • Delta IV Compact with Type B Jawset and Piranha Jaws (STEP)

Sold Separately:

  1. Master Jawset B for larger parts
  2. Quick-change Ball Couplers and Ball Receivers
  3. Subplates and risers (coming soon)
  4. Machinable soft jaws

Mounting Options:

  1. Ball coupler / Delta Zero Point (default) (couplers and pull studs sold separately)
  2. Basic Bolt-on (PDFSTEP)
  3. SMW Bolt-on (PDF, STEP)
  4. Haas TR160 with T-slot platter, also compatible with HRT160 and HRT210 (PDF, STEP)
  5. Haas TRT160 with tapped platter (PDF, STEP)
  6. Matsuura MAM72, Cublex-25, Cublex-35 -  INCH specification (PDF, STEP)
  7. 52mm Universal 
  8. Custom - email or call us!

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