Delta 4" x 9" Compact Vise

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NEW! - 2nd Generation Delta IV Self-Centering Vise - 9" length

Improving on the successful 1st generation Delta IV fixed-centering vises, our 2nd generation self-centering multi-axis vises add a number of improvements across the board.  

The heart of the vise is our Delta jaw-retention system, now improved with a snap-on jaws and a unique self centering anchor. Multiple patents pending.  

Mounting information coming soon.


Features & Specifications

Base Material
  • Hardened steel, HRC 50+
  • Surface ground on four sides
  • 6X bushed precision locating holes on two sides
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) PVD Coating 
 Anti-Jaw Lift
  •  Patent pending DELTA design
  • < 0.001" for first operations
  • < 0.0005" for second operations *
    * Soft jaws should be machined such that the bottom of the workpiece sits no higher than 0.875" - 1.000" above the bed of the vise
  • Standard
  • 60 second conversion from other configurations
  • 30 second semi-automatic centerline adjustment
  • 0.001" centerline repeatability 
 Dual Station Conversion
  • Optional - Requires sensibly-priced dual-station kit
  • 60 second conversion from other configurations
  • 0.0005" repeatability
 Fixed Single Station Conversion
  • Optional - Requires sensibly-priced single-station kit
  • 60 second conversion from other configurations 
  • 0.0005" repeatability
 Clamping Force
  • 6400 lbs at 80 ft-lbs torque
  • 100% Made in USA 

What's Included:

Body Delta IV Compact vise body
  • 8.875" x 3.875" 1.937" LxWxH
Carrier Assembly
  • Patent pending Delta snap-on jaw system.
Included Jaws
  • Type A Master Jawset with hardened steel gripper indexable grippers, TiN coated


Solid Models

Coming Soon (Parasolid)



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